May's New Arrivals: Non-Fiction

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Reporting under fire : 16 daring women war correspondents and photojournalists
Hollihan, Kerrie Logan.
070.4333 HOL [NEW]

The examined life : how we lose and find ourselves
Grosz, Stephen.
150.195 GRO

Essentialism : the disciplined pursuit of less
McKeown, Greg, author.
153.83 MCK

Miracles now : 108 life-changing tools for less stress, more flow, and finding your true purpose
Bernstein, Gabrielle.
155.9042 BER

You are the placebo : making your mind matter
Dispenza, Joe, 1962-
158.1 DIS

The ecstasy of surrender : 12 surprising ways letting go can empower your life
Orloff, Judith.
158.1 ORL

10% happier : how I tamed the voice in my head, reduced stress without losing my edge, and found self-help that actually works : a true story
Harris, Dan, 1971-
158.12 HAR

You are not special... : and other encouragements
McCullough, David, Jr.
170.44 MCC

Congratulations, by the way : some thoughts on kindness
Saunders, George, 1958-
177.7 SAU

Resurrecting Jesus : embodying the spirit of a revolutionary mystic
232.9 ADY

The Church of mercy : a vision for the Church
Francis, Pope, 1936-
282 FRA

Down these mean streets
Thomas, Piri, 1928-2011.
301.4516 THO

8 keys to end bullying : strategies for parents & schools
Whitson, Signe.
302.343 WHI

Getting older better : the best advice ever on money, health, travel, creativity, work, retirement, legacy, and more for women in their third act
Blair, Pamela D.
305.262 BLA

100 questions you'd never ask your parents : straight answers to teens' questions about sex, sexuality, and health
Henderson, Elisabeth.
306.7083 HEN [NEW]

The kids will be fine : guilt-free motherhood for thoroughly modern women
Waugh, Daisy, author.
306.8743 WAU

Don't hurt people and don't take their stuff : a libertarian manifesto
Kibbe, Matt.
320.512 KIB

The Freedom Summer murders
Mitchell, Don, 1957- author.
323.1196 MIT [NEW]

China's second continent : how a million migrants are building a new empire in Africa
French, Howard W, author.
325.251 FRE

No place to hide : Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. surveillance state
Greenwald, Glenn, author.
327.1206 GRE

Capital in the twenty-first century
Piketty, Thomas, 1971-
332.041 PIK

Wild Ones : A Sometimes Dismaying, Weirdly Reassuring Story About Looking at People Looking at Animals in America
Mooallem, Jon.
333.9522 MOO

Console wars : Sega, Nintendo, and the battle that defined a generation
Harris, Blake J., author.
338.7617 HAR

If I can't have you : Susan Powell, her mysterious disappearance, and the murder of her children
Olsen, Gregg.
364.1523 OLS

The price of silence : the Duke lacrosse scandal, the power of the elite,and the corruption of our great universities
Cohan, William D.
364.1532 COH

Shot all to hell : Jesse James, the Northfield Raid, and the Wild West'sgreatest escape
Gardner, Mark L.
364.1552 GAR

The knowledge : how to rebuild our world from scratch
Dartnell, Lewis.
500 DAR

Neanderthal man : in search of lost genomes
Pbo, Svante.
569.986 PAA

Post mortem : solving history's great medical mysteries
Mackowiak, Philip A.
610.9 MAC

Toxin toxout : getting harmful chemicals out of our bodies and our world
Lourie, Bruce.
613 LOU

Paleo for every day : 4 weeks of paleo diet recipes & meal plans to loseweight & improve health
613.282 PAL

The big fat surprise : why butter, meat, and cheese belong in a healthy diet
Teicholz, Nina.
613.284 TEI

8 weeks to SEALfit : a Navy SEAL's guide to unconventional training for physical and mental toughness
Divine, Mark.
613.7 DIV

Total body transformation : lose weight fast, and keep it off forever!
Bridges, Michelle.
613.712 BRI

Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails : A Definitive Guide to Essential Oils That Could Save Your Life During a Crisis
Johnson, Scott A.
615.3219 JOH

The other half of Asperger syndrome (autism spectrum disorder) : a guideto living in an intimate relationship with a partner who is on the autism spectrum
Aston, Maxine C.
616.8588 AST

Kids in the syndrome mix of ADHD, LD, autism spectrum, Tourette's, anxiety and more! : the one stop guide for parents, teachers and other professionals
Kutscher, Martin L.
618.9285 KUT

Stuff matters : exploring the marvelous materials that shape our man-made world
Miodownik, Mark, author.
620.11 MIO

The life of the automobile : the complete history of the motor car
Parissien, Steven.
629.222 PAR

Train your dog positively : understand your dog and solve common behavior problems including separation anxiety, excessive barking, aggression, housetraining, leash pulling, and more!
Stilwell, Victoria.
636.7088 STI

The big tiny : a built-it-myself memoir
Williams, Dee (Builder).
640.92 WIL

Bobby Deen's everyday eats
Deen, Bobby, author.
641.5638 DEE

The blender girl : super-easy, super-healthy meals, snacks, desserts & drinks
Masters, Tess.
641.5893 MAS

Extra virgin : recipes and love from our Tuscan kitchen
Corcos, Gabriele.
641.5945 MAZ

Guy on fire : 130 recipes for adventures in outdoor cooking
Fieri, Guy, author.
641.5973 FIE

Cake pops holidays
641.8653 DUD

Half yard heaven : easy sewing projects using left-over pieces of fabric
Shore, Debbie, author.
646.2044 SHO

The hotel on Place Vendome : life, death, and betrayal at the Hotel Ritzin Paris
Mazzeo, Tilar J.
647.9409 MAZ

My boyfriend barfed in my handbag ... and other things you can't ask Martha
Kerr, Jolie.
648.5 KER

Permission to parent : how to raise your child with love and limits
Berman, Robin E., 1950- author.
649.1 BER

The explosive child : a new approach for understanding and parenting easily frustrated, chronically inflexible children
Greene, Ross W.
649.153 GRE

Straight Talk for College Seniors... How to Get a High Paying Job : Designed Specifically for College Seniors: the Complete Career Search Guide
Tripp, John W.
650.14 TRI

The new colored pencil : create luminous works with innovative materialsand techniques
Kutch, Kristy Ann.
741.24 KUT

Handmade for the garden : 75 ingenious ways to enhance your outdoor space with diy tools, pots, supports, embellishments & more
Guagliumi, Susan, 1948-
745.5 GUA

Cute & easy crochet : learn to crochet with these 35 adorable projects
Trench, Nicki.
746.434 TRE

The women of Duck Commander : surprising insights from the women behind the beards about what makes this family work
Robertson, Kay, 1946-
791.4502 ROB

The noble hustle : poker, beef jerky and death
Whitehead, Colson, 1969-
795.412 WHI

Million dollar arm : sometimes to win, you have to change the game
Bernstein, J. B.
796.092 BER

Eight world cups : my journey through the beauty and dark side of soccer
Vecsey, George.
796.334668 VEC

Tennis: winning the mental game
Weinberg, Robert.
796.342 WEI

Mistake-free golf : first aid for your golfing brain
Winters, Robert K., 1953-
796.3523 WIN

How baseball explains America
Bodley, Hal.
796.357 BOD

1954 : the year Willie Mays and the first generation of black superstarschanged major league baseball forever
Madden, Bill.
796.357 MAD

The Yankee way : playing, coaching, and my life in baseball
Randolph, Willie, 1954-
796.357092 RAN

The closer : [my story]
Rivera, Mariano, 1969-
796.357092 RIV

Black noon : the year they stopped the Indy 500
Garner, Art.
796.72 GAR

Creativity : the perfect crime
Petit, Philippe, 1949-
801.92 PET

3 sections : poems
Seshadri, Vijay.
811.6 SES

100 : (monologues)
Bogosian, Eric.
812.54 BOG

The opposite of loneliness : essays & stories
Keegan, Marina, 1989-2012.
818.609 KEE

Collected poems
MacNeice, Louis, 1907-1963.
821.912 MAC

The histories
Herodotus, author.
938.03 HER

The long shadow : the legacies of the Great War in the twentieth century
Reynolds, David, 1952-
940.314 REY

The longest day : June 6, 1944
Ryan, Cornelius.
940.5421 RYA

Hotel Florida : truth, love, and death in the Spanish Civil War
Vaill, Amanda.
946.081 VAI

The wrong enemy : America in Afghanistan, 2001-2014
Gall, Carlotta, author.
958.1047 GAL

Congo : the epic history of a people
Van Reybrouck, David.
967.51 REY

One nation : what we can do to save America's future
Carson, Ben, author.
973 CAR

Supreme City : how jazz age Manhattan gave birth to modern America
Miller, Donald L., 1944-
974.7104 MIL

The internal enemy : slavery and war in Virginia, 1772-1832
Taylor, Alan, 1955- author.
975.503 TAY

Silenced No More : The Courage of a Soldier - Life After Military SexualTrauma
Dunn, Stormie.

The military advantage : the guide to military and veteransbenefits
Howell, Terry, author.

Bridging the military-civilian divide : what each side needs to know about the other, and about itself
Fleming, Bruce E. (Bruce Edward), 1954-
VETERAN 322.5097 FLE

Heroes at home : help and hope for America's military families
Kay, Ellie.
VETERAN 355.1209 KAY

Broken bodies, shattered minds : a medical odyssey from Vietnam to Afghanistan
Glasser, Ronald J.

The invisible wounds of war : coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan
Bouvard, Marguerite Guzmn, 1937-

Sexual assault in the military : a guide for victims and families
Lawhorne Scott, Cheryl, 1968-

Combat-related traumatic brain injury and PTSD : a resource and recoveryguide
Lawhorne, Cheryl, 1968-
VETERAN 616.8521 LAW

Veterans on trial : the coming court battles over PTSD
Schaller, Barry R., 1938-
VETERAN 616.8521 SCH

When the war never ends : the voices of military members with PTSD and their families
Wizelman, Leah.
VETERAN 616.8521 WIZ

Out of uniform : your guide to a successful military-to-civilian career transition
Wolfe, Tom, 1950-
VETERAN 650.1408 WOL

To hell and back
Murphy, Audie, 1924-1971.
VETERAN 940.5481 MUR